Welcome to my space on the Internet. My name is Stephen Roberts, and for the last 15 years of my military service I have been a Public Affairs Officer, formerly with my original army reserve unit, The Toronto Scottish Regiment and now with the Army Cadets. On this site I have listed a number of events that I have had the opportunity to be involved with. Some of these have been quite straight forward, and others have offered some very interesting challenges.

As a member of the Canadian Forces Army Reserve, I have had the opportunity and the privilege of serving with some truly outstanding members of the Canadian Forces in Cyprus, Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia, United States and at home.

The photo on the left was taken in May 1995 during a deployment to Visoko, Bosnia. This was the second time in seven months that Cpl Frank Vilaca and I had been deployed overseas to orchestrate double-ender interviews between our soldiers and television stations and networks back in Canada. In mid-1994 we were sent to Rwanda to generate television news coverage of the 2 Field Ambulance Group, who assisted over 23,000 people in distress.

Between the two of us we introduced the Canadian Forces to a form of targeted media relations, which provided television networks or stations in Canada with unparalleled access to our troops serving in remote and unstable locations. This was conducted without the broadcaster having to leave their studio.

The proposal was marketed to the television broadcaster as "Goods on approval journalism". In it Roberts spelled out that he knew that if the interview and supporting material did not meet the broadcasters standard of objectivity or technical quality, the story would not be broadcast. All but two of the broadcasters approached bought into the concept, and both of those did post deployment interviews. One on the CBC Evening News was 8 minutes and 15 seconds long.

The crests and badges below are linked to pages with information on some of other events that Roberts has been involved with.

Photo by Cpl Frank Vilaca

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